Maytag Washer Drain Pump – Fix And Repair

Maytag Washer Drain Pump

The Maytag washer drain pump first appeared on the market in commemoration of an older series of the same. The loading capacity of the washer stands at 3.2 cubic feet and it has 4 temperature settings and 10 washing cycles. It has compartments accommodating for both bleach and detergent separately. After the wash process, the garments undergo drying through either the gas or electric drier available.


1. The machine has several controls for the different variables engaged. These are; cycle type, water level, temperature, cycle for extra rinse. When operating the cycles use a set of wires which connect them to the water inlet and the motor. The main job of the motor is to power the entire machine. It is from there that all the machine energy is converted to all the processes involved.

2. The wires are again connected to switches which are used to control the settings of the user. For instance if one sets for 3 hours of gas drying, three hours after the gas drier goes, the switches go off.

3. The water inlet contains a narrow valve that lets in only water, either warm or cold. The valve ensures no mixture of the detergent or bleach does not contaminate the water.

Advantages of using the Maytag washer drain pump

  • · It is cheap and readily available in the market. Compared to other washer systems, it is the cheapest in the markets.
  • · Noiseless after replacing the screws next to the motor at the back. During purchase, the screws tend to be loose and might fall off. This is what results to noise to anyone who experiences that loosen making them bang against the inner walls, hence the noise. The replacement does not require professionals. Most people prefer to do it on their own. However, for those preferring to use professional hands can still do it.
  • · Has a long pipe which enables the user to find a fixed position easily. This enhances its usage. Shorter water and drain pipes give harder times to the user. This is because the machine has to be moved closer to the Sometimes this can be very inconveniencing.

Where to buy the Maytag washer drain pump

This machine is easily accessible mostly from online stores. The stores normally make the shipments in a period less than a week’s time. They can also be found at some appliance stores. Only reliable online stores should be reliable incase of any accountability required. The prices of the machine are cheap and should be cheaper than any other washer.

Here are some links to purchase the pumps:

Maytag Washer Drain Pump Model # WHI 21001906


Maytag Washer Drain Pump Model #W10130913

Other information

Most problems arising from the use of the machine have easy to do remedies whereby most of them are DIYs. For example;

  • · Blocked drain. This is experienced sometimes. The most probable reason for the blocked drain is that the pump could be mal functioning. To fix this, a new pump can be bought an easily fixed at home.
  • · As mentioned above, the noise that sometimes is produced comes as a result of the nuts falling off. These should be replaced and tightened.


Below is a video on how to replace your drain pump yourself:

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